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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest".

-Benjamin Franklin


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Why Ask Lyndsie?

After graduating high school, all I knew about money was that I had a LOVE-HATE relationship with it. I LOVED the idea of having more money, but HATED the roller-coaster of emotions my money gave me. My search for money management skills led me to a career I didn't know existed: Financial Consultant.

After hiring a business coach, I began writing a book to help moms find answers to the most common money questions I’d been hearing for years. My passion for writing a book was driven by the knowledge that...


more moms with better money management skills = more young adults with better money management skills

Then I got to work creating the first episodes of the #askLyndsie show for teens!

Since the show's kick off in February 2018, I've had a blast meeting teens all over the world through surveysInstagram and my YouTube channel!

ANNOUNCING my next big project:

My next book - a book for you!

The book will be published in 2019! Help make it awesome by keeping in touch!

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